1 February 2019 

Payment with Old Gift Voucher

Sessions paid with gift vouchers purchased before 28 February 2019 (Green Gift Vouchers) will remain as old prices

  • The green voucher value must be greater than or equal to the price of the session booked with old price. If the voucher value is lower than the session booked, the session price will follow the new price list
  • If the green voucher value is greater than the session price, the remaining amount will be credited to the customer's account and the credit will be treated as dollar value
  • Voucher redemption on holidays are subject to 15% public holiday surcharge which will be based off the old price for green vouchers






1 February 2019

Price Increase Notice

As of the 1st of March 2019, the prices of all our massage services will increase.

Here at foot&thai we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality massage services in the Canberra region. While this is costly, we would never want to compromise on our high standard. However, after seven years of serving our current menu, we are increasing our prices due to increases in external and servicing costs.

All massages paid with gift vouchers purchased prior to 28 February 2019 will remain as old prices.Terms and conditions apply.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and appreciation.