New Members

For every dollar you spend in store (for appointments or gift voucher purchase) you receive 13% credit onto your account. Example:

  • If you spend $80 on an oil massage, 10.40 foot&thai dollars will be automatically added onto your account
  • If you spend $45, you will receive 5.85 foot&thai dollars onto your account

Once you have accumulated 50 foot&thai Dollars on your account, you can then redeem the dollars towards your massage or a gift voucher. Alternatively, you can save your dollars until you have reached your preferred amount and may enjoy a massage without charge


foot&thai Dollars have an expiration date of 8 months, however, they expire progressively


  • If you come in for a $80 massage you will receive 10.40 foot&thai Dollars and will expire 8 months from date received
  • If you were to come for your next appointment and had $65 massage, the 8.45 foot&thai dollars received from that appointment would expire 8 months from that date

Would you like to collect a friend’s or partner’s foot&thai dollars?

The appointment must be invoiced under your name. If you are paying separately, simply ask the receptionist to put the invoice under your name and the dollars will be automatically added to your account


Would you like another member to have your foot&thai dollars each time you come in?

Simply tell the receptionist before paying so they can put the invoice under the other member's name


You cannot transfer the foot&thai dollars into another member’s account until you have 50 foot&thai dollars in your account. foot&thai dollars can only be transferred between members only (5 foot&thai dollars admin fee applies)



  • foot&thai dollars are not accrued when members are redeeming gift vouchers or when appointments are discounted during promotional periods
  • foot&thai dollars can be accumulated and redeemed at both Belconnen and Phillip branches.


Existing Members

Due to the complexity of the Membership Voucher system, we have decided to make some improvements designed to benefit our members and staff alike. We believe that the new system is a fairer as there is no minimum spending required to receive foot&thai dollars. Please be reassured that any existing membership points will be converted to foot&thai dollars


Please note: foot&thai dollars is not a financial instrument, it has no monetary value other than receiving discounts on future appointments and gift voucher purchases


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask reception or send us an email