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Health Funds

Are you registered with any health fund?

Unfortunately, we are not registered with any health funds.


Can I claim this massage on my private health?

It depends if they will accept our receipt without a provider number. Therefore, you can always double check with your health fund first. We do know that some clients can claim with our ABN which is printed on our receipts and located at the bottom of each page on our website.


Why won't some health insurance funds recognise foot & thai?

We are a fully insured and registered massage clinic and our therapists have a minimum of 5 years industry experience. Our therapist are also licenced overseas and retain full qualifications.


Health funds will recognise online qualifications gained by a therapist without work experience but they will not accept our therapist with overseas qualifications. Therefore, we believe it's a matter for the health insurance companies to look into.


Do any of your therapists have a provider number for health insurance claims?

No, sorry. Please see question below.


So why do you operate without a provider number?

A provider number is only required by some health funds and is not a government requirement.




Membership/Loyalty Program

I have been coming here a lot but I am not a member. If I sign up today can you give me foot&thai dollars from the my previous appointments?

Unfortunately we can only give you foot&thai dollars for today's appointment. It only starts when you join up and our system is not capable of backdating.


Can I transfer my foot&thai dollars to someone else?

foot&thai dollars are only transferrable when it reach the value of 50 between members only. But please note that we will deduct 5 foot&thai dollars as a transfer fee. This process must be done by the management and requires further verification.


For more information about our Membership/Loyalty program please click here





What are the differences between each type of massage?

Please click here to have a look at our price list. A brief explanation of each massage type is located under each 30 minute session.


The different messages types indicate the different techniques used and does not refer to the amount of pressure. Your therapist will always ask you if you prefer soft, medium or firm pressure and will check throughout the massage if this pressure is okay with you. Remember a massage should never be painful.


Please note that all our massages with the exception of the Thai Foot Reflexology and the Thai Head, Shoulders and Back massage are full body massages. However, you can always ask your therapist to focus on specific areas.


What is a Head, Shoulders and Back Massage?

The Head Shoulders and Back uses the Traditional Thai techniques on the upper body. It is a dry massage with clothes on.


Can I combine an Oil Massage (any oil) with a Traditional Thai massage?

This service is not in our price list but can be accommodated, it will just cost the same amount as an oil massage.


I have a sensitive skin. What type of oil can I use?

We can use sorbolene oil or baby oil. Alternatively, you may bring your own massage oil.


Can I bring my baby with me while I get a massage? She/He is a good girl/boy and doesn?t cry.

Unfortunately not due to insurance requirements. We apologise for the inconvenience.

However, if the child is old enough to sit quietly and play with a silent ipod/iPad/phone (say 6 or 7 years old and older) we can get them a chair from the office or outside rear and place it in the massage room or in front of the water feature (for those who are just having a foot massage in the chairs).


You are always booked out! When is the best time to call?

Generally we have availabilities Monday to Friday before 4pm if you are calling on the day. If you prefer an appointment after 4:00 p.m. or on weekends, we recommend you to book at least a few days in advance to secure your preferred time/date, massage type and therapist.


Do you take walk-ins?

We do take walk-ins if we have availability but again we would recommend that you book in advance so that you can guarantee your preferred time/date, massage type and therapist.


Can I book my child in to get a massage?

Yes, we generally allow children who are 4 years old and above to have a massage.


My child has special needs can I book them in for massage?

Yes of course, that is all good and if needed you or their carer may accompany them into the massage room.


Can I pre-pay for my friend's/partner's appointment?

Yes you can. However, if you are unsure of the time/day/massage type that they would like a Gift Voucher is another option and is more flexible than pre-paying for an appointment.





How much notice is needed for any cancellation? Do you charge a cancellation fee?

We require a minimum of 2 hours notice for cancellations. Cancellations made within 2 hours of the appointment time may incur prepayments during subsequent appointments. Click here for more information on our cancellation policy.


What is the likelihood of getting a cancellation?

It's a bit difficult to say as there are times when we have had plenty of cancellations and there are times when we have no cancellations.


I want two appointment, is it likely you'll get two cancellations for the same time?

Sometimes there are cancellations for two appointments at the same time. But then again, we cannot guarantee this, however we would be happy to take your details and put it on our wait list.


How much notice will I get?

We normally get a minimum of 2 hours notice for a cancellation but there will be times that there are last minute cancellations (usually 30 minutes before appointment).


We try to give you as much notice as possible, but it depends on how far in advance we receive the cancellation.


Can I be put on the wait list for both for more than one day e.g. Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, that is not a problem, we can put your details in our wait list for your requested days.


Can I book in an appointment on a different date just in case I don't hear back from you?

Yes, of course. If we have any cancellations for today, we can fit you in and cancel the appointment you booked for a different date.


If I get in this weekend can I cancel my appointment on Monday (or on another day)?

Yes, we can always cancel your appointment booked for a later date if you get in for an appointment this weekend.




Pregnancy/Prenatal Massages

Do you do Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage?

Yes we offer Prenatal massage, but you need to check with your GP first. We do not need a certificate but we ask you to get their professional advice to address any concerns you may have, and because each person and pregnancy is different.


Are your therapists experienced in Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage?

Yes, we have experienced therapists who can perform pregnancy massage. However, we do not suggest massages for women over 6 months pregnant. Please check with your GP first before making an appointment.


I am heavily pregnant (36 weeks or more), can I still book in for a pregnancy massage?

Again, we do not suggest massages for women over 36 weeks pregnant. You need to see your GP first and seek an advice before booking an appointment. If your GP allowed this, you must provide us with details of your emergency contact.


I wanted to have a foot reflexology to induce labor (pregnant women). Do you allow this treatment?

Normally, pregnant women avoid having this done. But if you have received a recommendation from your GP that this massage is okay, then we can perform this for you.





Gift Vouchers

For information about purchasing a Gift Voucher online please click here


Can I get my gift voucher posted to me or the recipient straight away?

Yes you can and this will cost an additional $5.


Can I share my gift voucher with my friend/partner?

Yes, they can be used like cash (but no foot&thai dollars given).


Can I still use my lost or stolen Gift Voucher?

Yes, you can use your gift voucher as long as you have a proof of purchase and any type of photo identification.


I live interstate/overseas. How can I purchase a gift voucher for a friend?

We can process sale of gift voucher either over the phone or you can now purchase them online. We can then send the copy directly to either your or the recipient's postal address or we can send you a scanned copy via email to be forwarded to the recipient.

Please note that we only accept MasterCard or Visa payments when purchasing over the phone or online.

Click here to purchase a Gift Voucher online.


Do I have to use the value of my gift voucher all at once?

No, you can split the value into two appointments or more if you wish. We can either put the remaining value as a credit in your account with us for next time, otherwise we can re-write the value on the voucher and you can have it back.


Are your gift vouchers refundable?

Generally not. However, in certain circumstances it is management's decision as to whether or not to refund a Gift Voucher. If management agrees the voucher can only be refunded to the person who purchased the Gift Voucher.


But the purchaser is now living overseas/interstate?

Please inform them that they can give us authorisation to refund the voucher either over the phone or email together with a valid proof of identification e.g. driver's license (for verification purposes).


Can I purchase a gift voucher using a gift voucher?

Yes, but a $5 admin fee applies.




Sauna and Shower Use

Can I use the complimentary sauna instead of my partner/friend who is having the 1 hour massage (for my 30 minute massage)?

Unfortunately, you cannot.  We only offer the complimentary sauna use for customers who are booked in for a 45 minute massage duration or more to use our sauna facilities.


Half hour sessions do not include sauna use, but you can pay an additional $5 to use the sauna for a maximum of 30 minutes.


Can I use the sauna with my partner/friend (opposite sex)?

Unfortunately no. Our saunas are separated by gender to ensure the comfort of all our guests.


Do I need to bring swimwear to use the sauna?

It is recommended, otherwise you can use extra towels. You may bring your own or we can provide towels at a small charge of $2 for a regular or $3 for a king size towel.


Can I still use the sauna/shower after my massage (appointment finishes at/after 10:00 p.m.)?

Our saunas and showers are not available for use after 10:00 p.m. But you may come in up to 30 minutes before your appointment to use the sauna/shower facilities if you'd like.


I do not have an appointment booked, but can I only use your sauna?

Our sauna facility is only complimentary for our clients to use.


How much time do I have to use your shower and sauna facility?

Our clients are limited to use our facilities for 30 minutes. This is so we can cater for other incoming guests.





I haven?t been there before. Do I need to bring/wear anything specific for my massage?

We provide your attire for your massage.


For a Traditional Thai or Thai Head, Shoulders and Back massage appointment, we will provide an outfit which is essentially a loose fitted top and pants.


For a Foot Reflexology appointment, we recommend you wear loose fitted pants so that they can be easily rolled up, otherwise we can provide you with pants to wear.


For oil massages appointment (including Thai Oil and HSB Oil), we provide you with a robe as this is a fully unclothed type of massage, you would only need to leave your underwear on (no bras).


You may also bring your own bathers/towels if interested to use the sauna/shower before or after.




Couple's Room

Do you have any couple's massage packages available?

Unfortunately not. Massage packages are priced individually and we do not have any promotions running at the moment.

We can however, request the couple's room for you at no additional cost but please note we cannot guarantee it.


Can I book the couple's room?

As mentioned above we can request it for you but we can't guarantee its availability.


Why can't you guarantee it?

It really depends on the layout of room allocation at the time of your appointment, as we open up the partition between two adjacent rooms. If there are no two rooms available directly side by side then we cannot offer the couples room. This is especially hard when it's a busy day such as a Saturday or Sunday.





How do I get to your Belconnen store?

Click here for a map to our Belconnen store.


How can I get to your Phillip Store?

Click here for a map to our Phillip store.


Otherwise, please visit our Contact Us page for the address and phone number for both Belconnen and Phillip stores.


Are there any available parking (at either stores)?

In Belconnen, there is pay parking available across our street and with free 1-2 hour street parking.

In Phillip, there is ample free parking, both infront of the store and the surrounding courts.